Blog #4
22 July 2018

My most recent batch of photos features Back From Zero, from their first EP release show at The Knitting Factory.
Watching my friends grow from playing in dingy spaces where no one could hear them (not that there’s anything wrong with that, you gotta start somewhere) to playing bigger, more esteemed venues has been heart warming, and fills me with endless pride. Seeing them finally put together the EP after countless hours of hard work is awe inspiring. Being able to get on stage with them and wrangle trying to get the perfect shot and also not be in their way was the most fun I’ve had in a while. I feel incredibly lucky to be part of the process.

Sitting around in the green room with them last night before their set, we had a long conversation about that process.

The sacrifices that get made along the way.

“How many days of work did you miss because of a show? How much time were you away from home in the beginning?”

Last night I watched one of my best friends play in a venue that he’s dreamed about performing.

But the thing is, that took years to get to. He’s putting aside time with his family, sleep, money.
Running from an early morning shift to practice to sound check to show.
Every week, there’s hours blocked out for practice that he could just as easily spend at home, that I’m sure some days he’d prefer to spend at home.

None of it goes without sacrifice, but the beginning stages get looked over all the time. No one talks about how they got here. How they “made it.”
Granted, “making it” is subjective. Everyone has different milestones in mind. But what about the before? The process? The sacrifices along the way?

“To me, the passion is more important.”