New York native photographer, specializing in concerts, events, and artist portraits. Having shot staple NYC venues like The Gramercy Theatre and Knitting Factory, I’m always looking for the next split second moment to capture that may otherwise have been missed.

Growing up in such a multifaceted city granted me the good fortune of continually being surrounded by artists and creatives. Going to concerts as an adolescent, standing so close to the stage I could feel the drums in my chest, getting lost in the moving lights, watching people pour their hearts out for friends and strangers alike brought me inexplicable joy. So when I picked up photography, it only made sense that I was drawn to shoot the very environment I always found solace in.
Preserving the past for the future, capturing the contagious passionate energy of a single second out of a thousand – that’s why I shoot.
Finding the stories behind the photos is just a bonus.

Let’s bring that story to life.



E: [email protected]



“Snapshots let us taste the flavors of memories, from nuanced joys to the fragile isolation of grief.”
Gustavson, Todd, “Foreword” by Anthony Bannon. Camera, A History of Photography from Daguerreotype to Digital. 2009.

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