31 January 2018

Hey, I’m Lena, the face behind the lens of 21 Grams.
I originally started as a lowly intern at an independent studio in 2012 at the ripe ol’ age of 16. I’m still not sure why, but they saw something in me worth cultivating, and took me from sitting quiet on the side lines of sessions, to teaching me almost everything I know now.
I learned to sound engineer and produce. I honed in on my sound, my writing, my photography.
I founded 21 Grams (originally under a different name) with their help and support. I learned so much about myself as both a creator and just as a human, and I’m still endlessly grateful.
I uprooted 2 years later at 18 and found myself in Oklahoma.
I know it doesn’t outwardly scream “music mecca”, but there was something beautiful happening, and I was drawn to it.
There was an exceptionally lovely, tight-knit DIY community that welcomed me, and I ended spending 2 years there, booking and filming shows.
I slaved over flyers, scrambled to find venues, hung off of scaffolding for the sake of a good shot, and I met countless people who told me about their sacrificing their entire lives to pursue what they love.
I laughed, I cried. There were some great shows, and some not so great, and I wouldn’t trade in the experience for the world.
After 2 years, I came home to New York Shitty. I re-united with the people I have to credit my start to, to continue my in depth exploration of the heart of DIY.
I didn’t start back up on steady feet, but I’m slowly regaining them.
Regardless, it never ceases to inspire me to share a conversation with someone who’s passionate about what they’re doing. It’s incredibly raw and intimate but so god damn beautiful and I need the world to see it. Not just my story, but as many as I can capture in my lifetime.

This is a movement.