Blog #1
31 January 2018

One of the biggest (and hardest to answer questions) I’ve gotten continuously since starting this is, why?

The actual story of how it came about isn’t heart wrenching, or climactic.

The answer is two-fold.

I was presented with an idea, and I just expanded upon it.

But the bigger part of it was, I felt like no one in the industry I had dove head first into was asking any questions that actually mattered, or at least none I wanted the answer to. There are artists that I have admired and followed for years, and yet I had never seen or read anything about them that I actually wanted to know.

Did you ever sacrifice all you had to do what you love?

What was that like?

Was it worth it?

Did you fear it might not be?

Why was no one asking?

So I started to.
And I’ve gotten some truly inspiring perspectives.

I’m sympathetic to the struggles of artists, being a life-long one myself.
But why does no one ever ask why we do it?