31 January 2018



The brainchild of New York bred, self proclaimed, jackass of all trades.

Originally founded in 2014 by Lena in an independently run studio, rolling through a few a different names, and finally settling on 21 Grams.

The name comes from the 21 grams experiment conducted in the early 1900’s. Duncan MacDougall hypothesized that souls have physical weight, and while the experiment was rejected by the scientific community, his concept popularized the concept that the human soul has a weight of 21 grams.

That concept struck a chord with me, and I’ve chosen to brand my work with that concept in mind.

The end goal being to get to the heart of what defines a creator, regardless of medium, at the rawest root.

Rip apart the disconnect between artist and audience.
Drop the veil.
Show every drop of blood,
every tear,
every sleepless night,
every ounce of sweat.
Scream about every sacrifice for the sake of creating.

The end goal is to start a fucking movement.

This is a movement.